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LONGi Solar is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules.

2017-09-18 | Shanghai,China

LONGi Solar’s PERC Cell Conversion EfficiencyAchieves 22.43%

By Overseas Marketing Posted on 2017-09-18

Recently, the test report released by National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Solar Photovoltaic Product Quality (CPVT) shows that the conversion efficiency of LONGiSolar’smonocrystalline PERC single-sided cell reached 22.43% at the highest level. This is another new recordin five months after the record of 22.17% was made in April 2017 and it still remains in the forefront of the industry. The cell is based on mass production technology, and the electrical performance parameters are as follows:

The frequently refreshed records are the results of the continuous R & D investment of LONGi Solar and its parent company LONGi Group. According to the latest financial report, the first half year of R & D investment accounted for 7.08% of the company’s operating revenue in 2017, taking the lead in the industry. Following in the steps of LONGi Group, LONGi Solar has been devoted to technology and R & D, maintaining a leading edge in the industry in the research of cell and module and gaining recognition from many authoritative institutions. Thus the excellent R & D capabilitiesguaranteed the product competitiveness.

“Our R & D team has always been committed to providing the industry and customers with the most efficient and cost-effective products,” Dr. LI Hua, the Vice President of Cell Research and Development, LONGi Solar, said, “LONGi Solar made a breakthrough in the conversion efficiency of PERC cell products in a very short period of time. This also proves the excellent power generation capacity and broad application prospect of monocrystalline PERC cell. We believe that we will createmorehigher and newer recordsin the future! Furthermore, we will continue to improve the product quality, bringing more value to the application sideand accelerate the advent of grid parity!”

Recent Efficiency Records of LONGi Solar 

- In April 2017, LONGi Solar received a report from National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Solar Photovoltaic Product Quality (CPVT), announcing that LONGiSolar’smonocrystalline PERC cellconversion efficiency reached 22.17%. 

- In April 2017, LONGi Solar received a test report on 60-cell Hi-MO1 module from TÜV Rheinland, demonstrating a power of 325.6W (STC) and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 19.91%. The test was completed at TÜV Rheinland Shanghai Lab on April 17. The open circuit voltage and short circuit currentrespectively reached 40.79V and 10.160A .

- At the end of 2016, LONGi Solar received a test report from TÜV Rheinland on “LR6-60PE-315M” monocrystalline module, which shows that the power of the module based on 60 P-type PERC monocrystalline 156*156mm cells reached 316.6W, refreshing the industry record. The test data is the highest among all products of the same model tested by TÜV at that time.

About LONGi Solar
LONGi Solar, a subsidiary company of LONGi Green Energy Technology Company Limited, manufactures monocrystalline solar cell and module, and is dedicated to providing cost-effecitive solutions for investors in solar power plants.

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Vivian Chu


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