Social Responsibility

LONGi sees sustainability and charitable giving efforts as our social responsibility. LONGi aims to be conscious of its economic, social and environmental impact and look beyond profits while remaining accountable to shareholders.

Propelling the transformation

As the world’s most valuable solar company, LONGi takes sustainability seriously. Through lower carbon manufacturing techniques, such as hydropower, and partnerships with the Climate Group and other sustainability leaders, customers can be assured their impact on further climate goals is even greater. In 2018, LONGi announced its commitment to the “Solar for Solar” initiative, seeking to manufacture clean energy with clean energy. LONGi is also committed to meeting RE100, EV100 and EP100 initiative goals, a first for a Chinese solar energy company.

Propelling the transformation
Charitable Giving
Charitable giving is long-term objective for LONGi Solar.
LONGi One Percent Foundation

LONGi has set up LONGi One Percent Foundation under the Chinese Red Cross One Percent Foundation. Through the foundation, LONGi advocates for everyone to spend 1% of their time or money (or both!) on volunteering and charitable giving, focusing on the concept of "one percent of the donation, one hundred percent change." The foundation consists of two brands: "One Percent of School Sponsorship Plan" and "Aiyou Childhood-CHD Children Treatment" and aims to provide resources to those experiencing poverty.

LONGi One Percent Foundation

2016.12.06 Xian China

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