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2019-03-27 | Xi'an

BNEF Summit 2019 New York: Reliability and Bankability of LONGi Modules

LONGi Solar Posted on 2019-03-27
LONGi is proud to once again sponsor the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Future Energy Summit New York this year. Hosted at the Grand Hyatt Grand Central on 42th Street, the premier conference was attended by over 500 industry professionals from the industry, energy and finance sectors. 

As part of the activities, LONGi commissioned "Reliable, Bankable Solar" outdoor advertisements surrounding New York’s Grand Central  Station the week running up to the Summit. 

“Bankability" is a buzzword in the energy sector. Simply put, a project is considered bankable when investors and banks are willing to put money on the line to finance its development. Bankable PV projects demand quality modules built and guaranteed by manufacturers with strong balance sheets. LONGi Tier1 ranking in BNEF is confirmation that the world’s leading banks have provided non-recourse loans for photovoltaic projects which specified LONGi modules and confirmed the company has met the financial and project quality benchmarks of a “bankable” brand. 
In the latest "2018 PV Module Brand Bankability Report", Bloomberg NEF ranks LONGi the top 3 most bankable PV module brand with 1,025MW of loan-financed PV projects in the past two years. LONGi’s ranking rose four places from the year before. 


In an interview with BNEF today, Richard For, Vice President of LONGi Solar, said, “LONGi will always put the quality and technology of its products first. With continuous research and development, LONGi has achieved remarkable technological progress. LONGi will continue to improve the quality and reliability of our products and ensure their high performance throughout the product lifecycle and bring higher value to our customers.”


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