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2019-05-31 | Xi'an

"Seamless Soldering" - LONGi Announced New Proprietary Module Encapsulation Technology

LONGi Solar Posted on 2019-05-31

LONGi Solar announced today that the company has developed the technology of "Seamless Soldering", which completely eliminates the gap between cells and increase the efficiency of PV modules. The technology is planned for mass production in 2H-2019. According to TÜV SÜD test (of 30th, May), “Seamless Soldering”technology, when combined with innovative module design, has the potential to push LONGi Solar’s high efficiency PERC module power record to 500Wp.

“Seamless Soldering” technology uses a solder ribbon to achieve “tiled” interconnection of the cell, completely eliminating the typical 2mm wide cell gap, thus increasing efficiency while reducing the BOM cost of the module. This technology is perfectly compatible with existing module encapsulation processes and equipment. It has high mass production maturity and stability, and capacity is easily scalable . In addition, "Seamless Soldering" has good technical compatibility that integrates with M6 monocrystalline silicon wafer, thin silicon wafer, soldering wire and reflective ribbon.

PV module technology continuous pursuits in the evolution of high efficiency and high power are the key factors in reducing the LCOE. LONGi has carried out intellectual property research on  “Seamless Soldering” technology and has applied for a number of related patents. The launch of this technology marks a new step in the innovations of LONGi's modules. LONGi will continue to invest in technology to promote a wider range of PV applications of PV in the world.

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