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2020-03-13 | Australia

LONGi solar modules generated clean electricity for Sydney Metro in Australia

LONGi Solar Posted on 2020-03-13

The Beryl Solar Farm was acquired by ASX-listed solar farm investor New Energy Solar from First Solar last year. Downer Group acted as EPC on the project and began construction last May. With a total investment of $ 150 million, the project was successfully connected to the grid in June this year, creating about 150 jobs for the local area.

"We are very pleased to use this solar project to support the construction and operation of public transport in Sydney and to promote the development of Australian infrastructure." John Martin, CEO of New Energy solar, said. “Using the modules from LONGi has allowed us to redesign this project, which immediately increased the installed capacity from 108 MW to 110 MW, and with a resulting increase in expected annual generation and annual cash yields,” he added.

As the module supplier, LONGi has provided high-quality PV modules to ensure the continuous and reliable power generation of the project. The combination of high-efficiency module and tracking brackets, especially in areas with abundant light resources, has a better effect on increasing power generation and reducing LCOE. LONGi’s advanced solar products have maximized the benefits of Australia's abundant solar resources.

"Solar energy, as the safest and most reliable clean energy, has made significant contributions to reducing Australian carbon emissions.” said Luke, Vice president of LONGi Solar. “LONGi will bring more advanced solar products and clean energy to the solar market and customers in Australia, continuously contribute to Australia's sustainable development."


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