LONGi Solar is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules.

2020-05-21 | Australia

LONGi receives “Trusted Brand 2020” award in Australia

LONGi Solar Posted on 2020-05-21

World leading solar technology company LONGi has received the prestigious “Trusted Brand 2020” award in the category of Solar Panels from Reader’s Digest in Australia.  

According to research, more than three in ten Australians indicate that the Trusted Brand classification has an impact on their purchasing decisions.

“LONGi established its Australian subsidiary in 2019 to expand its profile in the domestic solar market and to provide local support and services to clients,” said Stephen Zhang, General Manager of LONGi Solar Australia. “The Trusted Brand award will further strengthen our confidence and determination to deliver sustainable, reliable and clean energy to all Australians.”

As a global leader in solar technology, LONGi will continue to provide high-efficiency monocrystalline products to meet worldwide demand and fully commits, as part of the RE100, to be operating its plants using 100% renewable energy by 2028.


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