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2021-11-08 | Xi'an, China

LONGi achieves new milestone for Hi-MO 5 module shipments

LONGi Solar Posted on 2021-11-08

As of early November, LONGi’s Hi-MO 5 (72C) modules had been supplied to some 600 clients in 57 countries, with cumulative shipments now exceeding 10GW.

The Hi-MO 5 module is designed for utility-scale PV plants, its dimensions the result of in-depth analysis of industry chain, product value and lifecycle reliability, with the latest shipment milestone confirming that the module’s design concept has been widely accepted by global customers.

Shipments of the Hi-MO 5 module are based on a reliable packaging method to maximize use of container capacity while also leaving enough space for loading and unloading, significantly reducing shipping costs. The module is also fully compatible with brackets, inverters, and other PV plant equipment under a variety of application scenarios, reducing BOS costs. In wind tunnel, hail, and dynamic mechanical load (DML) testing the Hi-MO 5 has shown outstanding performance, ensuring reliability in extreme meteorological conditions throughout its full lifecycle.

Milestone review of the LONGi Hi-MO 5 module:

·  June 29, 2020 - technical specification released.

·  August 8, 2020 - module showcased at SNEC Shanghai.

·  September 15, 2020 - first shipment contract signed.

·  April 28, 2021 – recognized with awards at “All Quality Matters” Solar Congress.

·  May 31, 2021 - wind tunnel testing results released.

·  July 21, 2021 – recognized with award at Intersolar Europe.

·  September 18, 2021 - analysis of performance in hail impact testing released.

·  October 29, 2021 - dynamic mechanical load (DML) testing results released.

·  November 5, 2021 – global shipments exceed 10GW.


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