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2018-07-06 | India

LONGi Solar’s Export to India Reaches an Apex in January-May 2018

LONGiSolar Posted on 2018-07-06

According to a report of ETEnergyWorld on July 1, a senior Indian official revealed that “India will auction 40 GW of renewable energy projects comprising 30 GW solar and 10 GW wind per year for the next 10 years till 2028.” In recent years, India has become the third largest PV market besides China and the United States. India’s newly installed PV capacity was about 9GW in fiscal year 2017, and is planned to reach up to 11GW in fiscal year 2018, an increase of 2GW year-on-year.


At present, LONGi Solar is actively developing the Indian PV market, and systematically rolling out the industrial deployment, making the Indian market a pivotal link in LONGi’s global strategy. LONGi Solar has supplied monocrystalline modules to a number of 100MW-level PV power stations in India. According to the customs export data, from January to May 2018, LONGi Solar ranks No.1 in terms of module shipment to India, demonstrating that the company’s high-efficiency, high-reliability and high-yield products have been acclaimed by the Indian PV market.


It is a consensus that India is a PV market with huge potential, and as a regional market, India is also becoming more and more important to China’s PV industry. On this basis, LONGi Solar has utilized advanced PERC monocrystalline technology to quickly enter the Indian market and carry out effective deployment, accelerate local implementation of high-efficiency capacities steadily, and promote the market share of efficient monocrystalline modules in India continuously. 


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