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2017-04-06 | Shanghai, China

LONGi Solar Willing to Share LIR Technology with Industry

By Oversea marketing department Posted on 2017-04-06

On March 29, Li Wenxue, President of LONGi Solar, announced that the company’s willing to open its newly developed LIR (light-induced regeneration) technology, a low-degradation technology for monocrystalline modules, to the industry. 

The LIR technology is jointly developed by the University of New South Wales and LONGi Solar to solve LID of P-type monocrystalline modules. LONGi Solar has mobilized a lot of R&D resources in the research of reducing the initial degradation of modules as well as the research of the performance of LIR technology in different silicon wafers and in mass production, and has made achievement on global leading monocrystalline module low-degradation technology and equipment solutions. By controlling the degradation, energy yield can be enhanced 1% on the PV power station system terminal.

After years of industrial experiments, the LIR technology has been recognized by various environmental and testing organizations. LONGi Solar’s monocrystalline module using LIR technology passed the outdoor testing at Hainan PV Products Field Test Base of China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. (CTC) for a whole year from March 2015 to March 2016. Among 32 module models (including monocrystalline and polycrystalline) of 31 PV companies tested, LONGi Solar’s had the lowest degradation, is on the top of the ranking.

LONGi Solar Hi-MO1 monocrystalline solar module for mass production supported by LIR technology, was officially released to public in 2016 as the first low-degradation, high-power module product, pushing PV system’s yield per watt to a new height. So far, LONGi Solar Hi-MO1 has been applied to various scenarios. 

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LONGi Solar, a subsidiary company of LONGi Green Energy Technology Company Limited, manufactures monocrystalline solar cell and module, and is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for investors in solar power plants.

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