Real Black

All black modules
High efficiency
Half-cut cell
All black


Residential 345~365Wp
Standard IEC/UL
Eff 18.5~19.5%
Size 1776×1052×35mm
Weight 20.5kg


Residential 305~315Wp
Standard IEC UL
Eff 18.4~19.0% 18.2~18.8%
Size 1672×991×35mm 1683×996×35mm
Weight 16.8kg 18.9kg
Real Black Design

Half-cut cell technology enables higher power and lower hot spot temperature because of low working current

Cells with 6BB have better current collection ability

Unique parallel connection design, more energy yield in case of shading

35mm frame, front / back side maximum static loading: 5400Pa/2400pa

Cell efficiency >22%, anti-LID, anti-PID, 1st year degradation ≤2%

two grounding holes and one leakage hole at each corner

8 mounting holes, adaptable to various mounting approaches

Split junction box, Cable Length 300mm (can be Customized)

All black: Better-looking in applications

Backsheet with Fluoride on both sides, resistant to ultraviolet


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