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Pittsfield 13.8MW PV Project

  • Location : Maine, USA
  • On-grid date : 2017.12.01
  • System Capacity : 13.8MW
  • Type of Module Installed : LR6-72HV 340M

The Pittsfield Solar Project consists of 40,300 Mono PERC solar panels supplied by LONGi Solar erected on 57 acres of a 115-acre parcel owned by Cianbro off Route 2 in Pittsfield. 

The panels measure approximately one meter by two meters each, and are set at a tilt of 35-degrees for optimal exposure to the sun. The solar panels absorb the sun’s energy and converts it into Direct Current (DC) electricity. The energy is inverted to Alternating Current (AC) and sent to the ISO New England grid where the electricity is sold under a 20-year contract with Central Maine Power Company.

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