Why LONGi Solar

LONGi Solar is committed to providing the best LCOE solutions as well as promoting the worldwide adoption of mono-crystalline technology.

Mono Technology
  • 6.77%

    R&D investment

    Investment in R&D made up nearly 6.77% of LONGi Solar’s total revenue in 2017.

  • 260


    LONGi Solar acquired 260 patents from wafer, cell and module by the end of 2017.

  • 1700+

    Technology Team

    As of today, LONGi Solar has more than 1700 tech staff working in wafer, cell and module.

Mono VS Multi
Structure Performance Lifetime Lower NOCT Lower LID

  • Item Mono silicon Poly silicon
  • Dislocation density (cm-2) Low, <103 High, 103 ~ 109
  • Fe impurity(cm-3) Low, 1011 ~ 1015 High, 1014 ~ 1017
  • O impurity(cm-3) Low, (1~10) * 1017 High, (5~20) * 1017

Dislocation density and Fe impurity affect minority carrier lifetime which is concerned with performance.

Low O impurity determines a good LID performance.

Minority carrier lifetime

For minority carrier lifetime, mono silicon is an order of magnitude higher than poly silicon.

Mono-C-Si module generates less heat than poly-c-Si modules, because the carrier recombination, which converts electricity to heat, is less in mono cells than in poly cells.
Therefore, the nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT) for mono cell is less than poly cell, in other words, the mono-module works at a lower temperature which leads to more energy generation.

Hi-mo 1 Lower LID, Higher reliability

Lower initial light induced degradation (LID), higher reliability.
More energy production than normal mono and poly modules.


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